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Malax House Extensions London High Quality Service!
House Extensions - Kitchen Extensions - Loft Extension - Rear Extension - Side Return Extensions

When it comes to house extensions in London, Malax Bespoke Building LTD is a company you can trust. With an extensive portfolio of house extensions in London, our years of experience, pride in our work and professional standards make us a building and bespoke joinery company that leads the way. From bespoke kitchen extensions to full scale home extensions in your London property, we’ll deliver the results you expect.

Working with our experienced, talented and dedicated teams, house extensions for London customers continue to show what we can do. We realise that building an extension on your home is an important project which is why we’re committed to creating the finest house extensions in London, with customer satisfaction, safety, and quality as our focus.

Whether your home is in need of a space-transforming loft extension, a rear extension to extend your property footprint or full home extensions, your needs are what inspires us. Luxury and practicality, our house extensions in London offer solutions customers need, at a cost they will enjoy. Our extension builders in London follow the highest building regulations, giving you a peace of mind.


Malax - What makes our House Extension London Company Unique ?

As experts in our industry, we know that house extensions in London are big business and one of the most important decisions people make for their home. When building an extension on a house, choosing the right company is critical, so why choose us?

From stylish kitchen extensions to spectacular loft extension projects, rear extension work to home extensions that transform living spaces, our experienced and accredited extension builders in London are dedicated to delivering results customers love.

Using quality materials, observing industry leading safety guidelines and strict regulations, our home extensions in London give you a peace of mind as well as customer satisfaction guaranteed. Whether it’s a loft extension or a rear extension, we work with clients to ensure a bespoke finish, keeping your vision as our mission. When looking to build an extension in your London home, look no further, choose Malax!

Our Projects

House Extensions London Services - All what you need to know! We served all kind of House Extensions. From Kitchen Extensions to Loft Extensions & more in London and Nearby Suburbs.

House Extensions London

When it comes to house extensions in London, we’re all about quality. From stylish kitchen extensions to a loft extension to transform the space in your home, our experienced extension builders in London will help you get there. Using high class materials and delivering only industry leading safety, our house extensions in London are as trusted as they are guaranteed. We know that house extensions are important to clients, and we make it our mission to keep that in mind.

Kitchen Extensions London

Kitchen extensions in London homes can completely transform our living space and create the heart of a home. Whether you are looking for a modern update, or a classic remodelling, our kitchen extensions deliver both style and space. Our extension builders in London will use their experience, and expertise, working closely with you to make your dream house extension become a reality. House extensions in London are critical to the value and livability of homes. Our kitchen extensions are designed to breathe new life into your home, as our house extensions across London show.

Loft Extension London

When you’re thinking of a loft extension for your London home, let us give you a peace of mind. Using our years of experience and led by our accredited and dedicated teams of extension builders in London, we will assist you in any which way we can to build the loft extension your London home needs. We will deal with local authorities, building control and architects on your behalf. Whether it’s that extra bedroom space, an en suite or a study for home working, our loft extensions in London will completely revolutionize your way of living and take your space to another level, literally. Our home extensions represent quality workmanship, using high quality materials, at a cost-effective price, with best results always guaranteed.

Rear Extension London

If you are looking to add extra space to your London home as well as increase its value, then a rear extension may be the project for you. If your London home is not restricted by listed building consent, or in a conservation area, you may find that your dream rear extension falls under permitted development, discarding the hassle of applying for planning permission. From a rear extension designed to add a bedroom, to a rear extension tailor-made for a home office space, our home extensions in London have previously delivered quality results to all of our clients. Using quality materials and industry leading safety measures, our experienced and accredited extension builders in London can deliver the rear extension you dream of, and make your home extensions work look seamless and superb.

What to expect from Malax House Extensions London

When it comes to house extensions in London, Malax is the company to trust. From the moment we answer your call, whether you’re looking for kitchen extensions or a loft extension, our years of experience will help us guide and advise you through all your decisions. 

On-Site Assessment
With all our house extensions in Southall, the project planning includes a thorough, no-commitment on site-assessment, which allows our building experts to discuss options with customers, and decide on final plans. From modernising kitchen extensions in your Southall home to loft extensions in your Southall townhouse, we’ll deliver what you want. All our extension builders in Southall guarantee great results, from sleek new kitchen extensions in older Southall homes to a rear extension that adds usable space to your Southall property, we will deliver.
Planning Permission Assistance
When building an extension on a house in London planning permission is not always necessary, which is something we will help you confirm. If council permission is required for your house extension in London, we can help you work towards getting it.
Dedicated Project Manager
For all our house extensions in London, from stylish kitchen extensions to space transforming rear extension work, we allocate a seasoned and dedicated project manager. At every stage of our home extensions in London properties we ensure that customers have a direct point of contact to keep clients informed about every stage of the work, always working towards their requirements and specifications. When it’s time to look at home extension options in London, contact Malax for our on-site assessment service, and let us get building to deliver your desired results. That’s what we do, so don’t delay, call us now.

Which House Extensions type is righ for you?

Living, Dining, Entertaining

For many homeowners, kitchen extensions in London properties represent a huge change for both family and friends who live in, and visit houses. Whether it’s an open plan design for entertaining and family living, or a rear extension that gives more space and flexibility for your family, maximising garden connections with your interior, building an extension on a house can revitalize and revolutionise your living, dining and entertaining spaces. From connecting your living spaces, to adding more room for what you want to do with your home, house extensions in London is what Maxlax is here to deliver.

Bigger Kitchen, Better Living

With house extensions in London, getting a bigger kitchen for family, friends, and entertaining is a popular choice. When you look at kitchen extensions for London homes, it can be done many ways, from a side return to a rear extension. Put simply, kitchen extensions in London can double the size of your space, maximising your property potential, and adding value. When it comes to building an extension on a house, kitchen extensions can transform the way you live, work, and entertain, and our extension builders are here to help you realise that potential.

Transforming Upstairs, Renovating Upstairs

For homeowners looking for house extensions in London that provide both more space upstairs, as well as downstairs, we are here to help. Whatever you may need, from a loft extension to a rear extension, Malax can transform your home, upstairs and down, adding value to your London home at a cost you can appreciate.

Building an Extension on a House: Your Home Extension Brief

When choosing house extensions at London properties, we advise that you think carefully about what your home needs and how to achieve it.

For our home extensions clients in London, we suggest asking the following:

  1. Do you need more open-plan living space for the family?
  2. Do you need additional bedrooms and a utility room?
  3. Do you need additional bathroom space?
  4. Do you want a master bedroom in the loft?
  5. Do you need a study or office space?
  6. Do you want brighter spaces with more natural light?
  7. Do you want the spaces to be more easily accessible?

After you’ve worked out which of our home extension or kitchen extensions your London home may benefit most from, designing the perfect layout can help you ensure you get the extension you really want and need.

Malax Bespoke Building LTD
Professional Guide to House Extensions in London


When you decide that you want to alter your property, looking at different home extension options in London is the first step, allowing you to consider all home extensions that are available and possible.

 Before deciding on kitchen extensions or a loft extension for your London property, you should decide where or what the extension should be, building up or building out. When the decision is made, our architects can offer professional advice for home extensions in London. 

From kitchen extensions to rear extensions, it’s about assessing badly used space in your property, and working out the best solution, which varies with each of our home extensions projects in London. Whether it’s existing space or adding new square footage, our experts know which home extensions can work for you. 

When building a home extension in London, our extension builders aim to create a seamless addition that is in keeping with your home’s existing style. Using high quality materials, we can modernize with kitchen extensions in old London homes, or extend with a rear extension in a London townhouse, or even create a whole new style if our customers prefer a contrast of old with new. 

House extensions in London can add value and space to your home, and our expert extension builders are here to help you get the most from your extension.

Loft Conversions London – An ideal way
to add space and value to your London home

When it comes to a loft conversion in your London property, it is not only a way to add value to your home, it gives you great new space to enjoy. Whether it’s an unused attic space or a space that would work for a new office or bedroom, our extension builders in London can help transform spaces that are simply not used.

With space at a premium in London properties, building an extension on a house, and in particular loft extensions in London can enable a growing family to stay in the home they love, and have a bigger property removing the need to relocate. Our loft extensions builders in London can work closely with you to ensure your loft extension looks exactly as you want it, at a price you can appreciate.

As a company with years of industry experience, our loft extensions in London are done with minimal disruption to the homeowner, with our working hours carefully designed around your best interests, as is the supplies and scaffolding set up process.

When working at your property, our extension builders in London will make safety and security their focus, protecting your property as they go about their work, avoiding damage or distress. From design to the build, as loft extension experts in London we can help with planning permissions and building regulation paperwork, using our plans as our guide. For all our loft extension work in London we provide a site manager to oversee work, keep the customer informed, and make sure that our supervisors are discussing all requirements and building specifications with you, all designed to make your loft conversion as you want it.

Advantages of House
Extensions London

House extensions in London offer both options and advantages. From extending living spaces to creating new rooms, home extensions in London can help avoid the cost and hassle of moving to a bigger place.

As a practical solution to needing more room, house extensions in London really do benefit homeowners. Selling a house takes time and money, so building an extension on a house really can make a big difference. With stamp duty and other fees, extension builders in London can create new spaces that help you avoid all this extra cost and stress.

When it comes to home extensions in London, a well thought out build can allow you to transform your home rather than having to leave it, which is preferable for so many of our customers whether a rear or side of house project, home extensions in London offer major benefits, from adding space and value (up to 20 percent or more) to your property to creating transformative areas for you and your family to enjoy.

For families, home extensions in their London property can provide extra space for kids to place, or larger living areas for the whole family to enjoy and spend time together in.

As our extension builders in London will discuss with you, extra space can also be created by including a pitched or flat roof, which can create extra attic space in the case of the pitched, or an economical construction in the case of the flat roof option. Whatever your home extensions needs in London, Malax can help.

Cost Effective Home Extensions in London with Simply Extend

When people consider house extensions in London, they often look at the cost. As well as being versatile, home extensions in London are actually cost effective. With house prices in London at a premium, many families see house extensions in London as more affordable if they cannot afford to move to a larger property. Whether it’s a rear extension, a loft extension or kitchen extensions, London homeowners can get additional space for a price they can afford. As well as the cost, house extensions can add room to London homes that transform peoples’ living. From full home extensions to kitchen extensions, London properties that get this work still require planning, design, and site preparation.

At Malax, we survey a site to consider decor, style and space for all our home extensions work in London. Our extension builders in London take pride in their work, and consult closely with clients to ensure the house extensions they do deliver the results that are expected. Using high end materials and trusted building methods, building an extension on a house in London is something we do well, every time. 

Whether it’s a rear extension for a London terrace, or a loft extension on a London townhouse, our extension builders can design and deliver a space that transforms the way you use your house, creating a stunning new look for you to enjoy. Using your requirements, our extension builders in London can show you how and why home extensions in London can be your cost effective solution, with your bespoke design as the end results. 


Our years of experience ensure that our home extensions in London are fully compliant with all building regulations and local council planning rules, and our fixed price work delivers value for money and time-effective results. Your dedicated project manager is always on site to discuss your loft extension, your rear extension, or your large scale home extensions project at your London property. For families that need more space for living, dining, family sharing or even a new bedroom, our extension builders in London can deliver exactly what you need, starting with our no obligation free quote for home extensions anywhere in London.

Need More Spaces in home?
Loft & Kitchen Extensions in London could be the answer!


For people who are having issues with not enough space in their homes, house extensions in London could be the answer. Whether it’s kitchen extensions in London terraces, or a loft extension for a London townhouse, our project portfolio showcases ideas that could deliver what you want, in the style you prefer. From creating a light space, to transforming the heart of the home, our home extensions in London can offer a solution. For quite a number of homeowners, kitchen extensions in their London home is one of the most popular choices, creating a family hub and a cooking haven that adds space and value to the home. 

When it comes to older properties or period homes, kitchen extensions in London properties can create a modern open space, something homeowners love. Whether combining two spaces or adding kitchen extensions to a London home that creates a brand new room, time and money will be needed but the results are always worth it. Put simply, kitchen extensions in London homes are some of the most popular in the world of home extensions, and frequently serve to deliver new family spaces, sometimes to modernize and open up a home. With Victorian property house extensions in London perhaps an entertainment space can be the answer to opening things up, or an open plan is often one of the most requested kitchen extensions. 

As well as the space that home extensions in London create, they can also add value to your property should you later choose to sell, making home extensions in London valuable on many levels. At Malax, our extensions builders in London are dedicated to creating home extensions that our customers love, exceeding expectations and delivering what we guarantee.  Our years of industry experience ensures that we deliver loft extensions, kitchen extensions, rear extensions and other home extensions to London customers that are both high quality and built to last.

Extension Builders London: Why Have A Home Extension?

When you take into consideration the falling house prices, it doesn’t change the fact that properties in London are still high when compared to other places around the UK. 

For many, this means that the idea of moving is both stressful and cost prohibitive, which is one of the reasons house extensions and home extensions in London are so increasingly popular choices. Instead of stress, you can get extension builders to extend your London home and allow you to stay where you are. 

From home extensions in London properties that are cramped and busy, or for those who want one of our kitchen extensions in their London home to reignite their love of the property, the reasons people have when they contact us are varied. 

Many of our customers look to house extensions in London that are designed to create a light, airy, and open plan living area, or a side extension that can include stylish and stunning bifold doors. When it comes to creating superb entertaining spaces, kitchen extensions for London customers are incredibly popular, with our team able to offer bespoke ideas for that unique space. 

House extensions in London can also help you create that much needed home office space, or even to make a cinema room you may have always wanted. For all our home extensions, our expert extension builders in London work closely with each client to determine the look and style they want and the space they need, making ours a start to finish house extensions company for London customers. 

WIth one of our Malax house extensions, kitchen extensions, or rear extensions at your London home, we will make the whole project as stress free as possible, while delivering maximum results, including in-house architectural advice for unique elements. 

To discuss house extension, kitchen extensions at your London home and all your other options, contact Malax today.

House Extensions in London - Modern or Traditional?


When it comes to our modern styled house extensions in London, they frequently include and feature quite sizeable areas of uninterrupted glass. Alongside this, contemporary home extensions and kitchen extensions in London homes are defined by a more minimalist approach to both decor and the final details. 

For many of our house extensions in London, the homeowners prefer high end and stunning craftsmanship and top class materials than more decoration, with kitchen extensions often using clean lines and smooth surfaces to ensure a sleek style. 


More traditional house extensions in London often feature glazed areas that are divided into smaller panes of glass, perhaps with crittall style windows or timber mullions. From paneling to skirting and architraves, our kitchen fitters in London can help create traditional styles.

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