Forget Moving: Making More Space To Keep You In Your Home

With space at a premium and house sizes being so essential, house extensions in London are transforming homes and helping people avoid unwanted moves. As small properties continue to populate the market, everything from kitchen extensions in London, terraced properties to a rear extension for older homes are changing people’s living spaces for the better. 
A lack of space, leading to many house extensions in London, has been highlighted by the Royal Institute or British Architects, as has the impact on lifestyle that this creates. 
Whether it’s house extensions in London to offer more storage, a loft extension to offer extra bedrooms or a rear extension for more family room, house extensions are shown to have a positive effect on health, education, and the overall quality of living. 
Depending on personal needs, house extensions in London can offer not just value to your property but a genuine step forward in the happiness of your home. Moving is one of the most stressful things for most, building an extension on a house is the upmost efficient way to avoid this. 

Side, Rear: House Extensions Offer Options

When it comes to affordable house extensions in London, a side return is one of the best options for your home, it can be a great solution for your problems, ensuring that you keep your garden space intact. 
For light filled, open, airy house extensions in London, consider skylights. –  they allow for tons of natural light to flood in, converting your old house into a totally new space and giving it a cosy, homely feel.

Rear Extensions to Transform Space

People choose house extensions in London to add both space and value to their property. With a rear extension on your home, you can not only upgrade square footage, you can have an open plan kitchen-diner, creating a family space that so many house extensions in London are designed to deliver. Very often, when building a house extension, our clients are surprised at just how large their new space feels and our extension builders in London have seen and love the satisfaction that this has given to so many homeowners. 

Unused Space Used Again

Many Homeowners in London consider house extensions, this is often driven by wanting to put unused space to the best use possible. Most homes have areas that are not utilised, often due to poorly designed buildings… house extensions in London can be tailor made to make those spaces great again. 
Whether it’s an old loft extension in London that was never fully appreciated or a rear extension that was left as a storage area when really it has the potential to be so much more, house extensions, when done properly, can revolutionise space and create areas that will make your house a forever home.