4 Steps To Creating Your Dream Kitchen

Where do I begin?

The kitchen is the heart of every  home.

Convenience and perfect style must work together to design your family’s favourite hang out spot. There are many things to consider when creating your dream kitchen, from cabinet finishes to tiny yet crucial details such as handles; we are here to help you every step of the way.

Step 1: Establish Your Budget
It is crucial to ensure that your imagination meets your budget; Of course it’s up to you to decide where you want your money to go, fancy cupboards or appliances? Or maybe both?
We recommend using real wood or moisture resistant MDF for best quality results, although there are other, more cost-friendly options such as fronts made of MFC (melamine faced chipboard) such as EGGER or XyloCleaf boards, these look great but don’t hold up as well in terms of durability.

Step 2: Choose Your Style
Here are some of our favourite examples:

Traditional Shaker
Shaker style kitchens are simple and chic; the cabinetry is smooth and square framed, making it strong as well as classic. Shaker kitchens can be subtle, bright, white and fresh or bold with statement colours, the atmosphere you wish to create in your dream kitchen is completely up to you. Take a look at this In frame, shaker style kitchen, currently in the making

In our workshop:


Recently completed:

See this link for some Interesting historical facts on how shaker style cabinets came about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaker_furniture

Traditional shaker style kitchens often use cup handles, like these:

In Frame
Nothing says sophistication like an in-frame kitchen, perfect for a sleek, timeless look.
The perk of having your kitchen made completely bespoke is that everything is tailor made to represent your personal style; you can choose to have your appliances concealed behind in frame doors or pick out bold retro colours to add an unconventional feature to your space.


Popular handle choices for In-frame kitchens include all sorts of knobs, such as these

Flat, Plain Fronts (Manhattan)
Regardless of interior style, flat, plain cabinet doors refresh and re modernise a kitchen instantly.
They are practical, easy to clean and extremely versatile.
Perfect for a contemporary living space


Recommended Handles: Long bar handles (for sleek, minimalistic look).

Step 3: Consider Details

DoveTail Joints
We highly recommend dove tail Joints for a classic, timeless look.



High Gloss

Matte Spray Finish

Real wood Veneer (Oak, Walnut are some of our personal favorites)


When it comes to kitchen work tops, there are endless opportunities, here are some examples of popular choices along with the pros & cons of each.
Be sure to choose a material that will work well with your needs and budget.

Granite is a very popular choice of stone for worktops

⦁ Stylish
⦁ Durable and long lasting
⦁ Functional
⦁ Luxurious
⦁ Strong enough to take heat
⦁ Hygienic
⦁ Very easy to clean
⦁ Heavy (require full support from cabinets)
⦁ Cannot be repaired if damaged
⦁ Porous ( must be sealed at least once every 2years)
Price: £25 to £70 /ft2

Another popular choice of stone worktops is Quartz

⦁ Non-Porous (don’t require sealing)
⦁ Strong
⦁ Colours and textures can be customised
⦁ Contemporary look
⦁ Less natural look
⦁ Can’t handle a lot of heat
⦁ Fairly expensive ( installation etc )

Price: £35 to £100/ft2


⦁ Naturally resistant to bacteria & germs
⦁ Repairable
⦁ They can improve with age and good maintenance
⦁ Require regular maintenance & oiling to prevent water damage
⦁ Can’t handle a lot of heat
⦁ You can’t cut anything on the surface

Price: £25 to £60/ ft2


⦁ Elegant
⦁ Highly durable
⦁ Strong enough to take heat
⦁ Moisture resistant
⦁ Prone to scratches
⦁ Crack easily
⦁ Cannot be repaired
⦁ Uneven surface
⦁ Not so easy to maintain (avoid bleach)

Price: £5 to £50 / ft2


⦁ Elegant
⦁ Wonderful display of colour
⦁ Unique – No two slabs are alike
⦁ Strong enough to take heat
⦁ Porous ( must be sealed at least once every 2years)
⦁ Difficult to maintain
⦁ Likely to stain

Price: £40 to £100 / ft2

Step 4: Contact us for a free quote
Check whether your dream kitchen is inline with your budget.

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